In Orlando Florida and the greater area, individuals with bad credit or no credit often face challenges when seeking a reliable vehicle. Among the various options available, Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealerships provide a great solution, but which one is the best one for Central Florida residents? Credit Cars has been in Orlando, Florida since 1963 and are experts in what our residents need, unlike competitors which are nationwide and might lack that personal touch you are looking for.

I. Accessibility and Convenience:

Credit Cars focuses on accessibility and on making it easier for customers with less than perfect credit. Unlike traditional financing avenues that may require a high credit score, BHPH dealerships like Credit Cars offer in-house financing, making the entire car-buying process more straightforward.

Statistic: According to industry data, over 20% of Americans have subprime credit scores, making it challenging for them to secure traditional auto loans.

II. Financing Solutions Made For YOU!

At Credit Cars, we get that bad things can happen to great people. Our commitment to personalized financing solutions sets us apart from competitors in the buy here pay here industry. We tailor our payment plans to fit individual budgets, ensuring that customers can comfortably make their payments (which is the main goal at Credit Cars!)

Statistic: A large portion of our customers turn into repeating customers over the years!

III. Quality Vehicle Selection:

One common misconception about BHPH dealerships is the assumption that they only offer older or low-quality vehicles. Credit Cars, unlike our competitors, challenges this stereotype by providing a diverse and high-quality selection of vehicles. Our inventory includes reliable cars, trucks, and SUVs, giving customers the opportunity to choose a vehicle that suits their needs.

Statistic: Credit Cars has our own automotive maintenance department, and we offer a 2-year warranty on all vehicles!

IV. Building Credit for the Future:

One of the key advantages of choosing Credit Cars over OK Carz is the opportunity to rebuild credit. By making timely payments on their auto loans, you can improve your credit score over time. This positive impact on creditworthiness opens doors to better financing options and opportunities in the future.

Statistic: A study conducted by a leading credit bureau found that on-time payments for auto loans have a significant positive effect on credit scores within a relatively short period.


Credit Cars stands out in the competitive world of buy here pay here dealerships, offering accessibility, personalized financing, a quality vehicle selection, and a pathway to rebuilding credit. For good people facing credit challenges, Credit Cars provides a reliable solution to acquire a vehicle and work towards a brighter financial future. Are you ready to take the first steps to owning your own car? Visit us today at 4500 W Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32808 or give us a call at 407-295-6211. See you soon!

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